I’m just a reporter who will be discovered by others

The Slovak plates spotter, who mainly controls the highway near Poprad, recorded a phenomenal catch – Zanzibar.                                                                                               

Woche 43 staaten (-8). So gross ist Unterschied zwischen GE und PRG. Es fehlte nichts normales, aber auch nichts extra war dabei. Tagesdurchnitt hoch (ca.35) danks Jižní spojka.

Global warming is showing signs of unprecedented winter in Europe.
Europe is also fighting. On its own economic destruction. I wonder what he can handle. Even before the covid, there were signs of total collapse. Everyone then thought, now is the time to tighten their belts and stabilize the economy. What a surprise! On the contrary! The Green Deal is announchtt. Despite everything. Mainly common sense. Another trillion E of debts. It hasn’t even started yet, and Europe, unlike the rest of the world, has entered the war. But this time it’s worse. No limits. Money and a lot of refugees.
Prague is changing before our eyes. There are places (shopping malls, for example) where you are terrified. We’re not home here anymore. We are no longer the majority here. Czech is no longer heard. What France has been working on for decades, we have succeeded in a few weeks.
I know we deserve it. How we take care of Prague. In direct contrast to GE or MC. I’m sorry anyway. As I wrote last year after more than three months on CdA. “Home again. It. I don’t have another.”
I don’t have one anymore. A terrible feeling of hopelessness.

I envy Hungary, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America for staying neutral. As always, our EU bubble, instead of worrying about its people, has embarked on complete gambling and madness.

A drop of hope, in the ocean of hopelessness. According to initial estimates, Viktor Orban will win the elections in Hungary. The Czechia was not so lucky in its destiny.
Andrej Babiš (CZ) and Viktor Orban (H) in the Prague and on the H / SRB border.

Mo .: Viktor Orban won by an overwhelming constitutional majority. Thank you Hungary!

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