Everyone is fleeing. So I ran away too. In front of them.

Already after the election last year. When the pro-Brussels gang came to power. 2 million votes against them then fell. And just like then, now at such a time, I can think of nothing but a one-way ticket to Geneva.                                                                                                            Isle of Man, 2 years Premiere, Gibraltar 99 first new 2022, Qatar 2022 Premiere           

At first I considered the GBZ to be a LT person, the photo has a time of 13.50 and Kazakhstan 2022 Premiere 13.50 !!!

Waiting in vain for refugees. They were still at four in the morning. At least in the last afternoon, the Geneva madamme had come to talk.

And a surprise on the way home by bus. San Marino CD. I like to jump. Maybe Premiere? And that number 101! I won’t look for it now. Maybe someone will write to us. But beauty!

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  1. Heya !

    Double spot of the Kasakh in Biarritz ! (Spotted by one of my Instagram Friends : https://www.instagram.com/spottingcarworld/ ) !


    Nice spots for this week !!

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