Freedom Convoys flooded Paris. Here Algeria.

Morning view from the window. The columns stand up here. At 16, 2 giant ferries leave for DZ.                                                                                                                                                             

There is already a collector for the mosque on the spot. Incredibly communicative guy. The first step pretends to belong to the port, creates some place (despite Suret and the only real cop on the spot) incredibly delayed. But he is incredibly convincing. Already in the morning, he has a nice packet of 50E banknotes under the card payment device.

As passengers do not respect any road traffic rule, traffic has completely collapsed. He doesn’t ride busy, his nervousness grows. Various self-proclaimed fools are trying to drive the traffic. Unfortunately, the same result was brought at first by a promising attempt by the Policie Municipale. This energetic woman, like Marine Le Pen, cleared the clogged left lane with a whistle, gestures and threats and drove it straight. Sobriety soon came. The bar was clogged and there was nowhere to go. The police got in the car and disappeared as they appeared. And total chaos has returned.

For me, 100 DZ, 10 TN, 1CZ, 1P must have passed … At 13, the gate was to close. Finally, they waited until the end. I then saw the ship leaving in the evening 2 hours late.

Finally to La Joliette for a good meal. Tagliattelli with salmon. And I watched L J. is a pretty girl in translation. And then I remembered that we used to be called a “žulík”.           Ž reads like French J.

With bus check port. There is no work anywhere. Rotterdamm couldn’t afford that. Or would they go to Paris?                                                                                                                           See you comment from raphael.

This is guaranteed to be the best place for spotting. At least thanks to S, MC, LT and BG today is 20. 100 DZ I saw today. Each Lp a little different. But black for the first time now.

The craziest scene around 13, when nervousness peaked, that the gate would close. Old DZ in an old Peugeot with 2m on the roof. A young local couple in a fairly new Renault tried to pass him. DZ got out on the verge of collapse and went to look at the gap about 3 cm. Then he got back in the car and obviously wanted to back off a bit. In a top rage, however, ran into the Renault fender. The young lady was just watching my cry of amazement. But the biggest surprise. The young man didn’t even climb out and left with a crashed fender. To happen in MC would come down with 5 police cars and it would be a huge theater and investigation. Having this on video would make you a youtube millionaire.

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3 Responses to Freedom Convoys flooded Paris. Here Algeria.

  1. raphael says:

    The MA truck is from Western Sahara (68 = Laayoune), great find !
    And your report from the port of Marseille is very interesting.

    • materazzi says:

      Well thanks. Of course I didn’t know that. I’m thinking of Mauritania here. That’s almost it.
      I’m trying to understand Marseille. Many locals today were furious in their cars that their fellow citizens had blocked their way. France is generally nervous behind the wheel. 1cm outside the MC borders the race for life and death begins. France v. Italy. Cars against scooters.
      Thanks for the next important message and regards.

      • materazzi says:

        So I read about Western Sahara. Well, it’s almost to a new state. Well, you noticed. Thank you once again.

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