Nice: The best catch so far this year

Nice did not introduce blue zones. Everywhere you go from the station, every tenth car is alien.

You can also stay all day on the Promenade. Again, you will not have MA, DZ, TN. Just don’t go to the airport. But once you come across the Cote d Ivoire, he won’t give it to you.

Lebanon and San Marino will enjoy the sunset a lot. Nice is back. 37 states, last Sunday 31.

Stolze 52 Staaten diese Woche. Das sind + 5. Ohne NMK u. N. Cannes und  Nice haben viel gebracht. Nice heute noch 5 Punkten. CDN, TN, RL, BIH, MD.

A riddle from yesterday. My imagination always goes very high and far, but it’s ordinary PL.

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