Monaco is slowly returning

Christmas markets are being cleared. So soon. Last year we held Christmas until mid-January. Reason. Rallye Monte Carlo . This year, perhaps for the first time, everything here. (Formerly just the start and finish.) Even the service zone at this point. Toyota, Hyundai and Ford factory teams registered. So maybe everything will turn out well.

Then there was so little that I went to the pharmacy in Cap d’Ail. And when I was there, I could go even further. I climbed about 200 meters above sea level. However, with the approaching evening, it was already beginning to be terribly cold. So I gave it up and down to the heat.                                                                                                                                               

In the port  lambo 8AX- so I asked the boys where Lp is from. Slovakia, I received answers. Aah, I played dumb.
And at 18 Day just started. San Marino and Canada. Here exclusively French Quebec.

I peeked into my beautiful memories. About a lot of catches at the end of the last non-covid year 2019. And the reality surprised me. 53 states/week. Like now. And except for 3 GBM and RKS (so far the only one here) nothing.                                                                           

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