Satisfied boys from a happy country arrived

Jurij Kosiuk, a food magnate, and Kuwait KWT arrived. The boys were glad to welcome them to MC. I can speak languages, I’d talk. I remembered our teacher in Dubai. As the director once gave the order, what the children wear for a snack. That was an absolutely incredible amount. They had to confiscate it. I laughed that she admitted that she took some things Red Bull, etc. home.

Kosiuk arrived to sell the yacht. They don’t like photos in the Aston / MC workshop. Well, if it’s nothing more important than UAE Export, that’s enough.

Lamborghini Monaco is already open. They’ve even sold the green STO. And they promptly replaced it with blue.
The wall of the sea grows at the rate of the floor / day. And in the houses opposite, one floor saw the sea for the last time every day.

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