Prague classic.


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  1. Hadri45 says:

    Hello Jiri,
    Have you seen this amazing TIR transport from Mongolia in Velká Bystřice ?
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    • materazzi says:

      Hadri, you know everything.
      Some time ago I talked to an UZ driver. He said that a lot of UZ etc. go to Olomouc (Velká Bystřice). Here to Prague only exceptionally. I asked him if there were TJ, too. He didn’t see you there. I wasn’t interested in it anymore. And now you’ve found out where it is.
      That MNG was there for the first time.
      Here in PRG I have already caught 2 MNG teams. They bought tractors in DK (S) and trailers from us. Then they waited here for many days for cargo to Asia. Unfortunately, they did not take their tempor Lp.
      I’m curious about the development in F. Only F can this crazy EU reverse the development!

    • materazzi says:

      I was thinking of Botswana with that motorcycle. As I saw your post, I thought it wouldn’t be GB.

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