I’m pretty much looking for a lockdown

The week was as pleasant as possible. But tonight I visited the center. Party youth swarmed like wasps. Scooters, screamers… So it’s better to lockdown than to get this here.                

Not so long ago, the Czech media parroted the news that Prague was declared the most beautiful city in the world. Sometimes someone pointed out that according to timeout.com. And also that the second was Amsterdam and the third Chicago.
I see!!! The bad idea came true. Progressive-eco-LGBT sites that attract the ones mentioned in the introduction.
Amsterdam is the only city I have escaped from. After leaving the station, I saw only Asian-African-Latin American chases of goods and services in the backdrop of a total circus. After about a kilometer I turned around and took the first train away. In Hoek van Holland looked at the sea. That was very nice.
And Chicago? So for me, the idea of everything negative I’ve seen so far is crushed in one city.

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