Hadri, something from Bystřice was predisposed to us

Uzbekistan UZ, Azerbaidjan AZ                                                                                          Now there is such a boom that FIN is facing our home.

  Even today’s Europe has a few (last)  heroes. Proud Poland!

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2 Responses to Hadri, something from Bystřice was predisposed to us

  1. Hadri45 says:

    AZ + UZ nice! AZ has French yellow sticker “Angles Morts”, that means this trucks has been to France too!
    I am still waiting for my first UZ in France!

    • materazzi says:

      I saw Angles Morts for the first time in the winter in MC and I didn’t know what it was. AZ Truck is the third this year. 2 completely without photo-this one beyond the limit of recognizability. Fortunately, 3 other cars are easy to read.
      Here it is a route from Asia to Europe. Like China. In our country, it is divided. It continues from Italy to Scandinavia. Seeing in France UZ, KGZ, etc. must be a great rarity.

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