Verona is also alive.

Unhappy CZ. 300,000 national votes narrowly fell. Half of the hotels closed. Others half dead. Škoda Auto is up to the end of the year. 30 billion Kč VW has so far made a profit. And now the Czechs will have to pay the workers for their money. That is EU solidarity! Covid is doubling every day. The energy supplier Bohemia Energy went bankrupt. 900 thousand customers.
LT (or LV) already has it officially. Covid is raving that the whole country is closing for a month. And RO- it’s one big morgue.                                                                                                  Gibraltar GBZ Export premiere, I milit. air force                                                                                                                   

The last time I was here was in March. Lockdown, a crowded hospital, culminated in CZ. Nothing here either. Once there was NL on Caravan Parking. And today? Bus Parking -zero. And today. A PRG? Exactly the same as in March.                                                                  30 states today in VR. Lots of DK.

China has Europe in hand, magnesium will run out in a few weeks. You can’t make a car without it.
China has reduced its magnesium production and stopped exporting … Europe has stocks until the end of November …                                                                                                                As long as our president was healthy, he often flew to China. Once, the CH president was with us. He also flew to Putin to Moscow.
That was a politician! H has been contracting gas and oil with Russia for 15 years at great prices.                                                                                                                                                        March 2016. Big visit China President in PRG.

I have to laugh, rather cry. When the EU gives lessons to the world. All you have to do is turn off support for Google, Apple or Microsoft. The next day, Europe is one total chaos and collapse.
It is enough for the RUS to close the taps in winter. Within a week, Europeans burn furniture to keep them from freezing.
It is enough for China to say that it will no longer export to Europe. And within a month, people will walk with their feet wrapped in rags and will be summoned by drums as before in Africa. There will be nothing. Nothing. From drugs to the cars mentioned.

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