Around the lakes a little further

        When I blocked the hotel for the weekend, I was surprised by the prices. However, on Monday they already demanded 145 and from Tuesday 225 CH, so it’s like in €. So today I drove around Lake Geneva (72 km long 14 wide and over 300 m deep) through the Rhone valley through Montreaux, Sion, Brig through the endless Simplon tunnel under Matternhorn Masiv and on the other side Italy…                                                                               

specifically Lago di Maggiore with Isola Bella. It is, along with Chur-St.Moritz, the most amazing route. So I’m in Verona again. Like when people from Prague run to cottages. I have a room for 1/4 GE prices and a star more. And I’m going to Linguine al Pesto tomorrow.                                                                                                                                              It was full from MI to VR. Signorina stood up for me and, of course, started calling. How many times in the PRG do I go on the tram when the unbearable American krávy approach. And here I listened to that melodic speech and realized that the Italians are the only ones who use facial expressions and gestures when making phone calls, as if the contact were standing next to them. She performed in Brescia and I was quite sorry.

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