Night surprise

Tunis TN , regime speciale                                                                                                     

F1 pilot German S.Vettel gave an interview to He gave us info that he was voting for the die Grünen and pouring ashes on his head, that he was driving an F1, which allegedly did not benefit the polar bears. He thinks F1 is ripe for extinction.
Clarkson writes in one of his books that neither Nazis or the Communists banned entertainment.                                                                                                                        

I wondered why the Western youth were so unbearable. And he recently found the answer in a wise book. This is a new style of education. Towards freedom, occupying space and the will to impose one’s opinions and ideas on others etc. So the complete opposite of what we were brought up for.
And one wise man in an tv interview gave me the answer to why the world today is so crazy and disgusting. He says: This is no longer our world (and it means people 50+) we are only here to endure it.

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