Good left. The bad returns. Even stronger.

The expedition left. Interesting cars drove off. The motorcycles are gone. Even the classic autotourist from DK etc. are gone.
It is only in the evenings that the western youth party climbs in the evenings. Selfie-hen getting dressed in the evening as they saw it in another hen on the instagram. And young men (I mean unemployed) who turn social benefits into outfits to look like Ronaldo.
A sad look at a poor, indebted Europe that has abandoned all its values, traditions, itself.
Just sadness, boundless sadness.

September 2014                                                                                                                             

The last one is a decent hotel Pyramida. Now you can have a room for 630 CZK, ie about 23€.

I like Poland. I like Poles. We are so close and similar. I understand them. But to the people of Western Europe? And I don’t mean the language barrier.
According to legend, the ancestor Čech and ancestor Lech came to the mountain Říp. We remained here around our sacred mountain in the middle of a plain bounded on all sides. Historians say it’s just a rumor. That, on the contrary, they drove us out of the sea.                 Posvátná česká hora Říp.



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