Nice experiences, guests from the island.

Isle of Jersey GBJ, I understand that you can’t stay on the island all year. PRG is currently having good prices, and apart from one day, even the weekend night rage of the youth did not exceed the tolerable limits. FIN- an absolute rarity. All summer about 3. Moto 0.                                                                                                                                                 

Evening in Malá Strana. The Beatles revival band play in the yard. I’m sitting on the sidewalk, passing tourists everywhere. The Beatles were gods and Prague is sometimes amazing.
A year back AND and after two Emirates.                                                                                       

Here you knew in advance. A sharp rise in covid in Japan, overcrowded hospitals … and it’s called what a people, a government like that. In Austria, this is 100% true. Sebastian Kurz and country beautiful and perfect as Switzerland. Only for thirds of the price.
SK: “We already have enough Afghans, we will not accept any more”.

Zum Schluss gute Woche. 47 (+4). Nur ohne MNE.

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