How unobtrusively it all ended.

Green pass already to the train and grocery store. You are not from Europe and you have not been vaccinated with EU-approved vaccines – you are unlucky. Virtually all of Asia, South America, Africa all Sinopharm or Sputnik.
By the way. They are starting the third dose in IL. They found that efficiency was declining much faster than they thought. Pharma monopolies will not let that be taken away. Vaccination of the herd. Forever.
And then it goes into the era of electric cars. There is also a place on the famous Trans-Siberian Highway, where it is 700 km from village to village.                                                

Here I still had to ask the young lady who is. And on Sunday he already won his first GP. In Hungary. Esteban Ocon. Rambo Mercedes team framed 1 car in the previous race. This time it was already 4. And when the spectators (certainly also from CZ) finally whistled Hamilton – Mercedes should consider whether he should rather not focus on his electro dinosaurs and leave F1. How many years do you think something like this will be possible in today’s world? In January at the MC, I always have such a fusion at the Monte Carlo Rally that this is the last time.

From the book of memories. August 2013, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.                                       

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