Quite unexpectedly:

Isle of Jersey GBJ charity                            Qatar Q, 2021 Premiere as 72th      

2x náš předseda vlády Andrej Babiš“I understand that people are upset, that bars are open and there is no music allowed. But we didn’t want to open those bars so that foreigners from all over Europe would come here to drink again, “the prime minister added, alluding to a measure that allows music clubs or discos to open, where, according to the government, live music cannot play and dancing is forbidden.       Not just from Europe, Prime Minister. Don’t open! Never open! I add.

And yesterday’s reaction to the pre-election preferences of the Pirate Party (1st) at a session of parliament in tv live.

I don’t want Muslim Europe! That was twelve years ago in 2009. He was 29 years old. Today, he explains that he saw it and that it was a youthful recklessness. Interestingly, in 2016 he was at a demonstration where he welcomed refugees. He was 36 years old. Seven years later. Probably also recklessness. He is 41 years old today and I am quite afraid of what you will do recklessly next time. I repeat, we in the Czech Republic do not want any multicultural eco-fanatic Piratestan. We don’t want to share our cars! We do not want to share our apartments! We do not want to share our country! We do not want our country to be governed by the European Parliament, where the Pirates will unite with other fanatics. I am the sovereign prime minister of our country and no one from abroad will talk to us about it! ” rioted the prime minister.                                                                                 Complete agreement.

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