Strange time

Everything is frozen. CY, GR and HR took over the positions of CZ in the first covid positions. The heads of state, however, are going to send their people there with all parade. I wonder how tourists with a green EU passport deal with locally infected people. If someone wants to go to buy the first Lidl on German territory chocolate needs several certificates of infectivity and then go in D for 14 days to quarantine. On the other hand, Prague is starting to fill tourists with remarkably similar citizens of IND, BR, etc.
For the first time in its development, the world is replacing more advanced technology (internal combustion engines) with laptop battery trucks.
I don’t want to continue anymore …                                                                                               

Rekord Woche 45 (+3). Nur MNE fehlte. Das waren aber meistens schon gesehene Lp´s.

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