Leclerc. 2 destroyed cars, pole position and peace of mind.

Rest day in Menton. I find out in the cafe that Leclerc won’t go. At 15.45 I leave for MC.

So many cops and various other guards! This time the bike doesn’t help. I’ll check one garage and walk to the harbor. Once the last round, Max Versttapen (NL) wins the Red Bull. Which makes me both happy. Yachts sound sirens.                                                                 

It pulls me to hunt riders again. There were about 5 of us clever we got inside the depot from the other side where I was yesterday. And the catches were great. Carlos Sainz (today 2nd) is still terrified.                                                                                                                             

And the boys are coming! Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly (today a wonderful 5th). L. is surprisingly calm and composed. If he started at 99% he would win. The prince had the MC shut down for him so that he could train. And he rode a few laps with him. See youtube. Right Lance Stroll (8.).                                                                                                       

Daniel Ricciardo. Lewis Hamilton. He was obviously in a hurry to the boat waiting for him. But he stopped. (He had such a combination as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs). I watched him flee. He ran away from his pretty secretary, burdened with things. But in the end she did sail. Trucks filled my street and the bustle was starting upstairs.

Leclerc Ferrari on his way back to Marranello. Next time.                                                            A beautiful couple dancing at the train station. I feel the same way.

Woche 43 (-10). Keine BY, MNE, MK, DK.

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