A short period of time began to catch something.

Before the excursions to Croatia, another lockdown awaits us in September. Sad for alpine skiing and all other autumn and winter events. It is simply politically unacceptable not to send people to the sea. Let the rest of everyone ….                                                                            Malta M person ,very rare thning                                                                                                     

Apart from the arriving trucks, I wished for a little one. For the first time to see the new Princess of Monaco. For the time being, the prince himself attended all the events. But it was absolutely impossible to get under the honorary tribune among the mechanics. But what was my disappointment when I watched the Monaco GP on TV retrospective viewing. So the start, the pitstop as they twisted Bottas’ matrix and the final ceremonial. The prince again alone and looked something between anger and sadness. If the princess does not show us even on the day of the greatest holiday, it means only one thing. And I’ve been thinking for a long time. The relationship is at the collapse level.                                                  Princesse Charlene de Monaco with new hairstyle.

Our covid guru molecular biologist Soňa Peková says: it just confirms that covid is artificially modulated, what is here today is no longer covid-19, that’s something else, but we vaccinate against covid-19, I’m most concerned about where it comes from, where it suddenly appears, I think the effects of the vaccine will show in the body in 5-10 years and what it will do with it, I will not be vaccinated.

Woche 44 Staaten also +1. 2,3 punkten noch vom MC Montag. Diese Woche ohne MNE u. N. France bautete irgendwo in Kazachstan etwas. Ständig kehren Baumaschinen usw. zurück.

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