Lp OK, but otherwise hard times in CZ (actually all over the West)

The war for Nord Stream 2 has arrived in CZ. The intelligence services found out after 7 years that the explosion in the ammunition depot in 2014 was carried out by Russian agents. What a coincidence that we just wanted to award a contract for the construction of a nuclear power plant to Russia. And on Monday the Deputy Prime Minister was to fly to Moscow for Sputrnik V.                                                                                                                         

How great I am in France, where I don’t understand a word of people or TV.

Woche 41 (+2). Alles dabei. Auf 50% auch MNE LKW, das ich nicht gezählt habe.

This is us! For this brutal intervention (goalkeeper Slavia Kolář suffered a fracture of the skull), UEFA awarded a stop for 4 matches. Another Slavie player in this match in Glasgow allegedly (he denies it) said something to his opponent about the monkey. He got a stop for 10 matches.

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