I saw Mauritania today

I’m always amazed that E trucks Marcotran (alike Logesta) always have only the red Lp. And today (unfortunately on the far side of the Jižní spojka) to red – white with long blue lettering. I knew right away it was Mauritania. Plaque confirmed it to me. Perfect! 100%.

(Unfortunately, it is so terrible cold here that I can watch it for half an hour. But it’s a truck eldorado).

If anyone finds this truck on the Internet, let me know. Thank you in advance.

Every day, for many years, he runs around and on Prima cool Top Gear. And I play it every night before bed. yesterday my second home was on the program – Monaco.                          They got a consultant for the race. Jeremy Clarkson got Bernie Ecclestone. Just before the start, BE calls on the High Commissioner: “We need to disqualify the other two cars”. “Sure, as you wish, sir.”
3. “Bernie, you old fox!” Says C.
And here’s what I thought. At the time of GP, not all yachts can even fit in the harbor.
Monaco, a beautiful memory! And the whole Côte d’Azur.

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