The first new catch in Prague in 2021

Armenia AM, 2021 Premiere                                                                                                          It’s that simple. You take the bus and get hungry. You get out, shop and carry food around the corner to the bench. And in front of you AM. Forget the center, it’s P10.

In the evening, I listened to a famous architect on Radio 2. The editor asked him how he enjoyed the city without tourists. And he said. Those tourists are not the evil. The evil are those (I called them parasites) who try at any cost to get as much money as possible from them in the shortest possible time.
And he was right. Pouring them unconscious, stuffing them with scooters and beer carts, offering drugs, etc., etc. I’m glad I don’t have a single reason to go downtown right now. It is good everywhere else in Prague. The abrasion of the rage is still ingrained in every wall and sidewalk. Never Crawl etc. again !!!

        Of course, Prague is now without foreign cars. And now even without those from the rest of the country. So the traffic is quiet. And I hope it stays that way before the last covid disappears. Like in civilized countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand … The knife opens in my pocket when I hear that Spain, Croatia, Greece are coming again, when tourists will start riding ?! And then the rest of the year will be a lockdown and hundreds of thousands of dead ?! So that E, HR, GR have pockets stuffed ?!
I like the approach of Italy. The first said clearly. Easter Italy complete Ferme. Every fourth Czech infected from HR returned in the summer. Will it be again this year ?!
It seems to me that our government is already making sense. Last year’s frivolity must not be repeated!
And not at all. It hasn’t been as nice as it has been in Prague for a long, long time.

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