Pictures of hard lockdown

We are lucky. Our lockdown forces people to stay in the village. So I can move almost 500km2. So let’s not get cold on the bike. I have definitely never been to more than 50% of the streets. Prague is also very sparsely populated. Just over 2000 inhabitants per km2. For example, Munich has 5 and Milano almost 8000.
We also have a ban on accommodation and a closed border with Germany. I thank them for that. I can’t imagine the tourists coming again. But I think it is a distant future.             

Lidl has a completely different image in our country than in I or F. Czech bright stores employ the most skilful saleswomen. With F is 0% of identical goods, with I about 5%.
Parking just outside the western edge of Prague (I shouldn’t go there properly). 25 states. A4 Italy? Pch! 8? 9?                                                                                                                           

I wrote some time ago that not everyone in Italy has resigned yet. Not even in France. Yes, Macron is not exactly my idea of an ideal politician. But with their eastern neighbors – that’s it …

42 (+1) Länder. Nur MNE u. N habe ich nicht gesehen.

Thank you to Monaco, France and Italy for a wonderful asylum.
Special thanks to raphael and Hadri for their support.
And thanks to Austria for the transit. The only path left through Brenner to return.

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