You always lose something and gain something

I lost miami blu sea, all the ivory coast, police safety in MC and got a Central European/I Lidl full of goodies (I bought 4 things, in F I would pay so much for 1), cigarettes not for 10, but for 5, tv RTL packed with GB and I music, TV commercials without horrible rumors with people who, as Clarkson says, you wouldn’t let into a dwelling closer than half a mile, no lockdown (how long?) and people who haven’t resigned yet see the huge sign at the track in front of Verona BASTA. ..and surprisingly, there are also Cinese listed and I haven’t read it further.
I’m, so to speak, half voluntary in Verona. My country is in disarray. Health, financial, political.                                                                                                                                                   

And a design balcony. This is Italy.

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