License plate Cote d´ Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in Nice

Côte d´Ivoire CI alltime premiere as 115th country on the blog                             

This is what it looked like far behind the fence yesterday. Today, however, it is lined that I would not have a chance to notice at all.                                                                                         

Today in Nice they surprised about 3 MA.                                                                                       

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2 Responses to License plate Cote d´ Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in Nice

  1. raphael says:

    Wonderful ! And during the last week end in Nice without lockdown.

    • materazzi says:

      Thanks. I don’t even know. I already planned to leave anyway. One Czech has been locked in Tahiti for a year. So I don’t know where I end up.
      Every time I come to Cannes, Juan les Pins etc. I say to myself. Covid free city. You can hardly see the mask. Only MC deployed a special unit on super e-bikes and it distributes fines.

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