The temperature difference of MC-PRG at 3PM was 30.

MA in Menton, a fairly rare MC CD. There are here only 3 embassies. F, I and SMOM.                                                    Afternoon at Place des Moulins. 23ºC. This is the most popular bus stop with a cafe. It reminds me of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. The cafe in the garden is currently closed, but at the window you will get food, sweets, drinks. Amazing relic in the middle of MC.                          Another puzzle. ??? I would say the tracks lead to the Baltic. What does our EST rapporteur say?                        Car of the day: Fiat 1500 GT Ghia Coupe, 60ties.
The most famous bend in the world, or as the Fairmont Hotel puts it …

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2 Responses to The temperature difference of MC-PRG at 3PM was 30.

  1. Indrek says:

    P1 is Estonian. Insurance policy says car make is ROLLS-ROYCE GHOST

    • materazzi says:

      Thank you. Thanks a lot. At least we know. Today again the large theater LV, LT, EST. In this order .

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