A long neglected treasure – Beaulieu sur mer

Already in the morning I felt like going somewhere under the sun. Discover something. and I didn’t perform in MC and drove on without a ticket. Unknown where. But then I grew anxious when the railroad commando arrived. There is either no one going here or the whole procession led by heavily-clothed people. And Beaulieu sur mer I saw the port where I never wanted to get off, because the bike dragged down and then up.
And already the entry was great USA Florida. And it went on. My favorites themselves. Led by the Isle of Guernsey GBG.                                                                                             It is not yet noon and the beaches are full. Such a gift. 3IRL. In MC I didn’t see I think at all. What’s next- direction somewhere Antibes. But from here from the beach either again the terrible hill or drag a heavy bike 20m up the stairs. I turn back.                                          And begins a fascinating, breathtaking journey to Eze sur mer around the Bono Vox cottage through Cap d’Ail to Monaco. I didn’t know the road at all! Great experience.           I stopped here and thought about what to do next. I’m not allowed in the tunnel and there’s a scary hill waiting for me. But USA California is on a bike path. So I follow. But before that, another tramp stops by my house. English. He says he packed it in GB and he’s just here. At least someone I can tell you how much I love English music. Here one is especially aware of it. I’m surrounded by her at home. I’m listening to youtube tonight. And I’ve been looking forward to it all day. Now I have an Erasure period.

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2 Responses to A long neglected treasure – Beaulieu sur mer

  1. Hadri45 says:

    Villefranche <3

    • materazzi says:

      Thanks so much for reporting. Yes, I combined the two places. This popular port is Beaulieu all lp from here. And then I wanted to keep going in the direction of Nice and it started to climb terribly in Villefranche. This is the top view of the beach. And I saw the harbor and went down again. But nothing there. And I pushed the bike along the fortress onto the Villefranche beach and drove it back in the direction of Beaulieu. And there I had to carry the bike up the stairs, but not as long as from the beach to the station. And he returned to Beaulieu. Went to a great lunch. We call it “lečo”. And he drove back the amazing scenery to Monaco. In that heat. The concrete at that tunnel was very hot.
      So I’m glad you know that too. This is absolutely phenomenal. And it is between Beaulieu and Eze that is the roughest climb. There the Alps enter, or rather fall directly into the sea.
      So Beaulieu great, Villefranche is a trap. But those boating in the bay as from Monet-it’s magical.

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