Dolce vita a Milano.

In the center of world fashion and Italian carspotting. La Rinascenta – every woman watching a fashion will confirm. Mall No.1.                                                                                   

Lamborghini Countach, born here. miami blue- really hard to notice color. Also because Porsche liked the name, but the real Miami is greener. X times in MI, but only for the second time in the center. Duomo di Milano, Piazza del Duomo.                                             

The local show of supercars was supported by a couple of cars from MC. This always gets me completely. Atmosphere of relaxation, helpfulness, style. There are a lot of nice countries. But this is just here.
Definitely after today’s deeper tour, MI flies up the ranking of cities.
Entire beautiful neighborhoods, older and brand new.                                                                          19 countries. 1.CH (more than 50%), 2.RO, 3.MC. Very good CZ-4. Nothing from Baltic and RUS stars of CdA.

Woche 45 (-4). Ohne N und FIN. Jetzt schaue mehr LKW an.

Carspotting:                                                                                                                                                      Lots of spotters, but cars just what is normal in MC. Obligation to park or at least several times drive Via Monte Napoleone. I was pleased with Countach, still with the old I . The main difference from MC- the more roar, the better! They couldn’t afford that in MC.

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