A dust storm made spotting impossible

Just like KWT has sandstorms, PRG has dust. And Verona in the industrial zone the same. MC has fine of that cement. Fortunately, conjunctivitis of one eye and over time of the other eye was the only health problem. So today, preventively for Artelac splash (9.9, in F similar to 5 and the other 7 so as not to harm F) and only in the room or in the center. Nevertheless, the week premieres BY and the 2021 Premiere RKS.                                           

Covid demonstration. I fully agree with the only thing I read. Covid is from the lab. Eliminate the state without weapons. I guess the vaccine will be useless. He himself has the ability to get around it.
Luxury. It is before 21 and the market open. So I couldn’t resist a tray of warm mushroom lasagna.

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