We have the puzzle here again

MC lp are attached directly to the body (no washers) with a special device (a seal is created).  But as soon as the master came to this and burned the first hole in the car for half a million €, I wouldn’t be nervous about that.                                                                               And he peeled off the blue WW and crumpled it before I could tell him to give it to me as a souvenir.                                                                                                                                                  At first I thought it was 12. But it will be I2. Inside, it seemed to me through darkness and black glass- 2 Arabs from the Gulf. They did not open the window.

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5 Responses to We have the puzzle here again

  1. Indrek says:

    I2 is registered in Estonia

    • materazzi says:

      Thanks for signing up. And it says Porsche, I think 911 GTS? I wouldn’t bet on EST in the first place. And what if I2 is in another country also? But I have to admit LV, LT, EST- that’s a huge rise! Your giant Ott Tänak is already here on the hills behind MC. They won’t come down here until Saturday.

    • materazzi says:

      I found a photo from the Riga I2 Porsche turbo EST on the carspotters website. Just if they removed the EST tape, I2 would be a little to the right. And here it is in the middle. But it’s clear. It’s EST. Thanks.
      Today 3 EST.

      • Indrek says:

        It Says: PORSCHE 911 TURBO S

        Regarding Ott. All Estonian Rally fans hope that this year he won’t crash in Monte Carlo as happened in 2020.

      • materazzi says:

        It was a completely crazy accident. There will be a big duel with Sebastian Ogier.

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