How to spend a gloomy day? Streetspotting in Nice.

This weekend will be a big holiday in Monaco – a traditional trip today.                                            It fell one by one. When I say to myself – are we breaking the record? But it would have to be a complete Maghreb. We already have TN, the problem will be with DZ – the rarest of the three. At the same moment, he lands next to me …                                                                    I can’t go to the airport anymore. It causes me depression. The empty halls, everything … It’s 3 pm and 10 more flights are planned by midnight. There will be 10 passengers in each. So 100 more people will visit this gigantic object by midnight.                                                              I’m counting in train-34. Without UA, SLO, HR (BIH, MK), DK, MA,records cannot be made. In addition to those shown, AND, IRL, TN, USA, (not this firebird),N scored.                The absolute winner today LT. I don’t understand at all how about a million men from LT are driving a truck at the moment and the other is sitting and driving around Monaco, Cannes and Nice. Who is home? Being younger, I go there for girls.

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