License plates of Botswana spotted in Cannes

Botswana BW as 114th on blog in Alltime Premiere and 82th 2020                           

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7 Responses to License plates of Botswana spotted in Cannes

  1. Hadri45 says:

    Congrats ! Nice 1st day :)

    • materazzi says:

      Thank you very much. I have to tell you, before BW I thought I’d rather come here. Cannes thrilled me last year. Yes, one of the biggest days of my spotting ever. But there were more nice days. And all hotels in Cannes are closed. I just wanted to leave CZ. This is all a bonus. Trains run this year – the weather is worse again. I’m glad I have support in you.

      • Hadri45 says:

        You are welcome.
        Hummer from Senegal (SN) near Golfe-Juan, if you want ! ;-)

      • materazzi says:

        That Hummer is Senegal? Yeah, it could be. I reached him. But I didn’t dare knock on the black window. And is located in Juan les Pins. We in the PRG still called it Chuan les Pins, when I hear on the train that it is Ž(j)olepé.. So should I write it down? Or your is other?

  2. Hadri45 says:

    No I am talking about a real SN plate, old system, with blue plates from Dakar.

  3. materazzi says:

    Well, I want to. You know I want to.

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