Live G.Conte: Zona rossa per Lombardia …

What was expected-happened. Mr Conte is just announcing to the Italian people. Lombardy, Piemont, Liguria, Calabria, etc. are classified in the red zone. This means a hard lockdown and a ban on leaving the zone. I’m here on the very eastern edge of Lombardia. A few km further Verona is the Venetto region. As long as it is warm, all day cycling and it probably doesn’t rain better than Prague. Gray, cold and everything, but everything closed.                                                                                                                              Gentle morning on Lake Garda and Verona – a city in the center of truck traffic. Today I saw with my own eyes 100% IR. Personal operation is practically non-existent. Number of overnight stays of foreign tourists in Italy 2019: 225 million. Today, I estimate that there are 2,000 of us overnight in the whole of Italy. This, of course, has a number of advantages. The peace, the prices, etc. For example, I got the best room with a terrace without asking, instead of what I ordered. Apart from me, some other visitors took turns. I’ve been alone for a few days now.

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