What a person is willing to undergo voluntarily

The Austrian Red Cross saved irresponsible holidaymakers with water. They waited at the SLO / A border for 14 hours. So they at least got some rest after the holidays with veils, random testing and permanent sleeplessness due to endless youth parties.                                Very rare P CD. Nothing else. Nothing has changed since the absolute closure of the border. Not even the number of states. Not even the number of catches. Also practically all interesting ARU (P4), ZA (P5), FO (P6), UZ (P10) took place outside the center. There you can meet just “heroes” from HR (D, NL, PL). Speaking of FO. Their team got Slovan Bratislava (SK) as rivals in the European League. They would rather withdraw from the competition than have them come to their beautiful, clean and covid-free islands.

Woche 45 (+2). Kein MNE. Sonst Punkte auch von RKS (wieder Bus), AL und bekannte UAE,KZ…

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