Aruba ended his pilgrimage on the outskirts of Prague

112 th on the blog and 75th 2020 Aruba ARU (NA) alltime premiere                                   

At first I thought it was the NA I saw in the center many years ago. But no, it was Curacao. Do you remember how I mention Prague 4 in the last report?

In the office of the General Director of Auto Motol. But the visit did not bring any lp.     

Austrian escape from Croatia. 4 hours of waiting. Quarantine from midnight. In contrast,  south- direction 1 hour, practically exclusively Germans. What to add.                                   

Woche wieder mit 43 (+-0). Kein MNE. Ich erwarte Problem mit Skandinavien. N total verschwunden, FIN d.J. 2 Stk in Zentrum ,andere 1,2 Stück pro Tag. Einzige Rettung- Süd Magistrale, P10. Muss aber besser Wetter.

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