The weather is already bad

There are more accidents than catches on the Southern Highway. I was running to the bridge as a Southern Cyprus truck approached. There’s such a weird blow and I see 2 men in the air. The second accident (you can see in the background) was already there on arrival. So the police were not far. And South Cyprus was TR 33 Mersin. This is the coastal region where Cyprus is closest. That was a chance! Completely forgotten by me. Would it be a new state? Probably yes!                                                                                                  Also AM passed and 2 USA. But fully concentrated I can last about 15 minutes. Then I just watch. Unfortunately, it goes downhill with trucks.                                                                The heat starts and I only go in the evening. But it’s dark on P10 tonight. So next week will probably be even poorer. In the evening                                                                                I drove through the center. Optically cars as every year (D, NL DK, PL), even a few moto appeared. But the burdensome ubiquitous certainty that more is not possible.

Zličín, the westernmost part of Prague, a traditional Sunday shopping tour. The beautiful hitchhiker is standing in a completely different direction than she wants to go. She posed for an explanation.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Woche 42 (-0). Kein MNE u. IRL. Dabei MC,FL,PMR,UAE,USA.

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