Appearance of normal

Hotels aimed at overseas clients remained closed. Those who opened have half-filled parking lots. As well as campsites. But you must not look closely. Of the 30 cars, 27 are D, 2NL and 1 PL or similar.
I bet no one from GBislans will come. By the end of the holidays, it would be the pinnacle of AX. But they don’t even run a normal FIN.
I like to go see the trucks. But it’s a fluff. I can only last a little over an hour. But it’s not at least depressing, like a visit to the center.                                                                                   

In France, they burned down another Christian cathedral, and in Frankfurt, strong police forces suffered another debacle from the stone crowds, etc. However, this does not prevent the representatives of these countries, who have de facto lost control of their territory, from sharing their ideas in Brussels.
And I tell my dear Italy. Don’t wait like beggars for alms and finally wake up. Away from the EU! Bring back the Italian lira and your goods and services will be 50% cheaper and in demand all over the world.
And check your borders 24 hours a day, as Monaco does.

42 Länder (-2) für diese Woche. Ausser alle Asia LKW’s sind auch die von GR verschwunden. Eine grosse Langweille ingesamt.

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