Italy surprised the world.

Italy was the first (together with the premiant SLO) to be fully open to the world! And it won’t even require confirmation of infectivity! “Italy covid-19 free country!”
So now the countries and the opposite will no longer be responsible. Surely there will be enough idiots to come. Even in CZ, in March, a warning was warned against going to I on skis. And what made our morons go. When we stopped everything, 100% border closure! And again, as always, it will pay for countries and sensible people. I once wrote that if this world is characterized by anything – then it is INJUSTICE.

Clarkson describes it beautifully in his book Summers with Top Gear. In the 1980s, GB was hit by a wave of mining strikes. And the power began to turn off. But fortunately it was announced in advance. So they cooked dinner at the Clarksons, and when it went out, they lit candles and the entire Monopoly family played. To this day, he remembers how the stove was hot and felt the warmth and cohesion of his family. And how sad he was when Heath finally backed away from the miners and it lit up. That’s how I felt something like that now. It was a true time, without all the ballast and nonsense. I miss him – he made sense! And now ? What now? Yes, those fools will return to their dorms and go to the sea … Many thanks to Norway. That is to say – the country will remain closed until August 20. And maybe it will take much longer!
CZ was a model, a great union of the nation, a bunch of billions.
And now everything goes to …

Woche 40 (+1)  Länder. Nur N fehlte. FL,MNE dabei. Weg vom UZ etc. ist sicher nicht möglich. RUS zwar kapitulierte und öffnete sich auch aber H,CZ usw. kontrolierten Pässe. Kein nicht EU Bürger darf rein.

Und hauptsächlich glauben sie nicht an GB Island, IS etc. Alle die Inseln haben Bevölkerung von 100% getestet. Ich denke fahren nach I ist das letzte voran jetzt denken.

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