Missed chance – we want to go back to where we were

GThey write to me from France: 11.5. end of quarantine! Fortunately, Germany is here. At first it was completely asleep, but now the measures have started to be quite fun. In our country, the media (due to advertising) and monopolies are holding public opinion behind the end of Lockdown! The gangs of barbarians (as they called them in demonstrations in Venice) are approaching. I hope at least enjoyed it in Italy. I definitely! The first days were great. The humility, the fear, no one came out of the house. The homelesswere cleaned from the street to the campsites. Yes to those where expeditions from Malaysia parked last year, etc. Unfortunately (thank God) our covid numbers are so good (daily infection 50-80, casualties 0-2) that it all ends slowly but surely. So our German neighbor- keep border as long as possible. We do not have your will and patience.                                                                               Thanks, but we already have.

Plates spotting on the Prague 6                                                                                               

Prague 6- Hanspaulka is the best address in Prague. Jan Kodeš, the winner of Wimbledon (villa in the background) got a worthy neighbor. 2nd CDN 3rd LAR embassy experienced busier times. 70s: Gaddafi steals a coup in Libya. His first trip leads to Prague. He then bypassed the famous Czech armory and shopped without restraint. President Husák (right) is just rejoicing. Like the Czech people. When he returned to Libya in a few days at the Castle, the phone rang. Gaddafi has announced that he is doubling all orders! And unlike all our friends at the time, they pay cash and USD. Prague could immediately start building the metro, the large Nusle bridge, raise the standard of living – clouds of children were born – to this day they are called Husák’s children. The assassination of Muammar Gaddafi was filthy and it is revenging to this day. Libya during his reign was a little paradise on earth. 6. View of the Castle from P6. Everyone only knows the view up from the river. Here they look down. 7. Trailer for football. But the match is already 14. 3. 9. Josef Masopust. in the 60’s he won the title of the best footballer in the world and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic finished 2nd in  World Cup in Chile! 12. At one time the center of luxury. Hotel International.

Noch einmal Aufwärts. 43 (+1).  Neu nur CH TIR, FL. Sonst nur schon gesehene AM,GE..Diesmal fehlte nur an MNE. 

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