Whom to appreciate? You who came? Or rather you don’t.

Italy – one day 133 dead, 1500 new cases. Is this the time to travel? Not for a man with common sense.
So I think I like the empty spaces more than those who came. At least the Czech Republic has introduced the most stringent measures some time ago. Anyone returning from Italy must compulsorily quarantine. All of our 25 cases are the arrogant fool who went to Italy to ski despite all warnings. We canceled flights to China, Korea and Italy. From today, border checks. We have a great Prime Minister. He takes care of us for the first time. A bit like Monaco.
I don’t know what to do to make those ala ryanair, rnb, drug dealer, bar, booze, drugs, scooters disappear. Mob around shops and hard rock cafees. These are completely stolen from Prague, Venice etc. I hope that the economic crisis, which will be either harsh or winding up, will sweep this.
But now it’s about survival.                                                                                                     

Woche 41 Länder. Plus 2. Zum Schluss alles ohne LV und MNE.

No one with symptoms will reach the Czech Republic from today.                                    

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