The center is dead. Long live Prague 10!

Uzbekistan UZ , 2020 Premiere                mega rare Kentucky, USA new premiere 2020       Gruzia GE                                                                                                                                                                

        Otherwise the current situation in CZ.
By midnight, citizens of D, A, I, F, CH, B, NL, E, DK, S, N, GB,ROK, IR and China must leave the country. All international train and bus connections are canceled.From tomorrow, the ban on entry for CZ citizens into these countries and the ban on entry for citizens of the listed countries into CZ. Citizens of other countries who have visited any of the 15 above are also banned. So non-affected countries like RUS, J,H, RO, Balkans, Transnistria, Abkhazia etc. can travel. There is always something good about all evil. Those weekend raids called Stag partys are over. I don’t remember anything uglier, weirder, or more embarrassing than this. Hopefully the closing time of all restaurants will contribute to this
opening hours at 20.00 hours. I very much wish that the center of Prague was never again what it was. A magnet for this kind of people. Perhaps this will contribute to the planned ban AirRnB.
I look forward to visiting the center. Enjoy the city. Take him back.  

          We fight! Everywhere calm, sport, culture, everything just ended. About 10 tourists I met in the evening. This is a modest figure against scattered scooters. Today, Prague is Czech. Empty tram. No plundering of shops. People follow the precautions. What a contrast to tourists, who often behave like cattle. We have great leadership of the state. We were the first to start doing something. Maybe even a little after a long and long time I’m a little proud of the Czech Republic. 

(Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister,  billionaire, 5 speeches fluently, man of action)                                                       

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