A few more weeks of trucks and …

Kazachstan KZ                                                                                                                              

D5 Prague – West Europe. On Saturday heavy traffic of trucks. Passenger traffic only a few Czechs return, a few western ones in the opposite direction.
The government lifted the Sunday driving ban to make goods flow better. Small but important and nice measures.

More and more countries, including Germany, are following our actions.
How many EU spent days over stupidity if the Czech Republic can use the name spread butter. How many summits have been around stupid and bad sanctions against Russia. How much money has been spent on various non-profits and thinktanks spreading heresies about climate, multiculturalism, Russia, Trump,Brexit, China human right etc.
And have masks and respirators in case of an epidemic ?!

Unglaubliche 42 (+1) Staaten brachte die Kriseanfangs-Woche. Nicht EST und MNE. Aber schon gesehene KSA, PMR, AM usw. dabei. Jetzt kommen LKW-Zeiten. Aber wie lange…

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