Turkmenistan and Tuna

        Catch Past-Turkmenist. I was wondering where he was. So once again in the streets of Monaco. otherwise TM maintains superior relations with MC. Even the Head of State was visiting. Several important Turkmenistanians near Turkmengaz are located here.
Two fishermen were in the harbor. I went on, almost in the end. And there the water boiled until I was terrified. At least 1 spot before they saw me and disappeared. So I showed it to the fishermen and they immediately recognized the tuna. 2.5m and 250 kg. They were impressed.                                                                                                                         

Center dug up. Who would like to live over night working excavators. Better to water. Tomorrow the Primo Cup, Credit Suisse will start. There are also J and YEAR. but as you can see without the flatbed. The top-class L 30 could easily sail to America, I thought. When I came to the Russian expedition, I ask. Without long hesitation. Yes, sure.

Tak takhle bude vypadat nově Place du Casino.    Souhlas. Tak jsem si to představoval.    Jen ty špalíry lidí a pomalu projíždějící auta mezi nima zmizí.   Jezdit kolem Café de Paris se už nebude.                                                                                                                                     

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