Every day a surprise

I had no idea where I would meet this band today. In MC everything is going to be the event of the season Bal des Princes et Princesses. This is where Princess Charlene will lean on the railing in the evening. So finally I can wait. Even the great German bear at least as a memory. And everywhere a million lilies of the valley.                                                           

I must commend the man in the green. is in charge of strategic Boulevard Albert 1er. He also proudly wrote it on the wagon to keep him from confused. As a waiter, he takes away garbage and gives lectures to those who feed pigeons. It is up to the last stage of the MC, but more monasterous than many others. So I just rest in the sun. I love it here. on a bench in front of the Tourisme. It is not possible to go halfway too. And here’s the band from the morning at the ceremony. They came all the way from Alsace. That is also the latest information about Baal. F, I and MC didn’t understand me or I answered their question to Who is it.                                                                                                                                                   

In Fig. 5 with the Japanese is the owner of Harley, as he had the black LP.
I’m so glad I was there. This is just a show. This is a dream factory. This is Top of the World.
The Chinese  is famous Ajwej-Wej.
Oh, and the princely couple did not arrive at their event …

Saturday, Sunday MC-run.
So better go. Perhaps even with some LP.

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