The Phantoms of Promenade des Anglais

I originally planned the headline “V NICE NIC nového”( In Nice nothing new), but then …   Massilar is LP producer in DZ. So I think DZ 02224 41 119. Or Bermudas.                                  Of course I enjoyed the UAE CD. Until I looked at the photo. F. The damage could still continue. On the left is Burj Khalifa, on the right there is still a place.
We had this size in Prague Stalin. Then he was spread by a ton of dynamite.                        Very good Nice 37 Countries. 3 week premiere: IRL,DZ,BIH.

Absolut grandioze Woche- 58 Länder (+5). Alles dabei. Einer der besten Ergebnissen überhaupt. Das bleibt für lange Zeit unschlagbar.                                                                        CdA 2019/20:                                                                                                                                            1. MEX ,2.RCH (beide Menton), 3. BRN (MC), 4. SN ,5.J (beide M) ,6. IS (MC), 7. ROK , 8. M (beide La Turbie A8), 9. GBZ, 10.GBM , 11.GBG, 12 KZ, 13. GBJ (alles MC), 14. CDN (Nice), 15. CHN, 16. KWT (MC/Cannes), 17. UAE (MC), 18 .KSA ,19.Q, 20.USA.

From Nice to the end of the world (Monaco, Menton) only 2 trains leave from lunch. At 16 and 18. I always say, I will go at 16 and 2 hours to see what’s in MC. I have never left at 16. MC is already at 15 with a small exception in the shade. For skyscrapers since noon.
In summer, however, it is the other way around. I wouldn’t move from MC since lunch.

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