It won’t get bored- GBM,GBJ,GBG,GBZ

Only a secret tip Alderney and Vatican are missing. If they appear somewhere in Europe, I believe here. It didn’t look good in the morning. Two floating “rabbit halls” were waiting for mooring.
Well in the end it all met and it was a nice day.                                                                               

Musée oceanografique for the first time full from bus in two rows. With the Czechs at the forefront. Extra good lunch. I still wonder why I haven’t seen the green MC CD yet. Here are all 3 embassies in MC, F, I and SMOM. Nothing. On the way I stop, as always, when I’m here at Place des Moulins in a folk café. Great amerique for 1.40 there is.                     

Do you remember Top Gear pulling everything that is produced in GB to London? And Richard Hammond salutes enthusiastically: “These are morgans! Come on, boys”!             

This is pure joy. I’ve loved these islands since I was a kid. Back then everything was British style. And when the oval was GBM or GBJ. The joy is deep within me. Today also old GBG and GBZ.                                                                                                                                                               

In the end it was a record- 39. Place du Casino is starting to fill, but it is half past seven and I have the last train.
Apropó. Morning Menton station crowded with people. Tourists from I and D. For both ticket machines an endless nervous front. Virtually no one could buy a ticket in central-wheel SNCF machines.

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