Best weekend of the year with Asian tsunami

License plates Singapore SGP as All Time Premiere as 110th on the blog                        Singapore is in translation of the Lion City. And chewing gum and cigarettes are forbidden. And cars over 10 years old.
I support Monaco, but No. 1 on this planet is Singapore.

Singapore as 90 th country 2019 – absolute record. Eventually, he was crowded everywhere. And that was not all.                                                                                                     

Under the castle and under the towers of st.Týn. And at the same time about 1km further, a good spotter would also have Malaysia. I only have it from Instagram.                 

Further to see RSM, the unhappy AZ all week waited for cargo, already seen by KSA, PMR and much more. It was worth coming here this weekend.                                                       

Of course, the long-awaited Singapore, the cleanest and safest country in the world, dominated!

Woche komplet dann mit 48 (plus2) Länder. Diesmal ohne BIH u. IRL.

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