Prague is surprisingly not empty

Kazachstan KZ 2019 Nr.1                                                                                                            

Armenia AM, eventually found near where I live, act. LP Premiere                                    

Andorra also in Prague! Also Monaco!                                                                                       And  the biggest bomb BY. They do not have in A, RSM, I, F, MC.                                          

Gute Woche. 45 Laender. 5 exclusiv von MC. Aber auch PRG hat ein Paar Punkten dazu gebracht. Diese Woche ohne BIH, N und FIN.                                                                          

Recently, Jovata asked me what TIR I’m still waiting for.
I wrote KZ and China.
I think there is a response at one time.
First direct line. So you can order the cargo of this pretty manager.                                        

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5 Responses to Prague is surprisingly not empty

  1. Hadri45 says:

    We are in 2019 ! :)

  2. Jovata says:

    Great: KZ / TIR right at the beginning of the year! Anyway, this year I will also appear to my wish KG? TIR from CHN would really be a rarity, but nothing is impossible. Close to the Kazakh border, Urumqi is the largest city in the Ujgur region (3 million inhabitants). Why can not they bring some goods out of here? I believe more in the back of the TIR (návěs). My last KZ TIR was also behind the BY trailer.

    • materazzi says:

      Go to Primum web. There’s a whole article about it. This is where the route from China to Europe has begun. At least China, BY,KZ will be involved in the semi-trailers. New Silk Road is open. These drivers will live everywhere along the way. And turn around. Primum says: In 13 days, you have goods from China at your home. That ship is not even in the Malaysian Strait.
      You see first truck with comodity from China. It is great Premiere.

    • materazzi says:

      The last photo is the new border crossing, which is named NUR JOLY on the KZ side. Definitely on the amazing new stretch of motorway. The journey to Europe will be shortened by days! You will see how much this year will come to China!

      In Europe everything sleep. China, Russia, Kazakhstan are changing from day to day. This is the future center of the world. She’s actually now.

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