Today for cycling and Škoda cars fans

To begin with. Innsbruck is a nice and clean city. In Prague, the streets will not be squeezed even when the Chinese president or marathon arrives.
Austria is on good way. I am delighted that people have not lost their sense of mind and have chosen Sebastian Kurz. He understands us and V4 very much.                                            Road World Cyclo Championship Innsbruck 2018 with RKS,AL…                               but also with Rwanda ,Eritrea, Trinidad and Tobago , Costa Rica etc.                                          with license plates it was, however, more modest                                                                               

This was the U23 time trial, this Belgian won. In the afternoon, women will go.                            Our Tereza Korvasová was the prettiest, but she also rolled the most.                                                  

It’s over, Tomorrow’s going to be elite men.
I’m wandering around the city.
Marriot garages look good. But nothing. At least something has Prague. 37 Countries             Tissot knows why he does…

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  1. Jovata says:

    Your photos are pretty close to the backstage of the top biking competition. Interesting is the representation of our own escorts from the small states: RKS, EST … I also believed in something from North Africa, but transport would be complicated.
    In the women’s category, Czech competitor Miss Korvasova was on the 38th place (all medals for the Netherlands!), but after an unfortunate fall. In the junior category, Czech competitor Mr.Kelemen was on the 34th place.
    Perhaps there will be better results in today’s category men – elite.
    I wish many successes and interesting photos!

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