The mass is gone, quality remains

Malaysia MAL new 2018 Premiere                                                                                                    With the delay Australia AUS red                                                                                                China CHN caravan Premiere                                                                                                     Australia AUS on the way to KTM Linz / A                                                                                   USA‘s Florida and Cal.                                      Kosovo RKS                                                       and last FIN for this year                                                                                                                    

Woche noch mit 47  (-2)  Staaten . Aber jetzt wird nur runter gehen.

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3 Responses to The mass is gone, quality remains

  1. Jovata says:

    Again beautiful discoveries! Especially the trip with Malaysia is breathtaking. Maybe some Singapore will soon arrive. The end of the summer is a sign of the Australians. Unprecedented number of motorcycles in particular.
    Next year, the Rally Paris-Peking will be held. See Participants and above all the cars are very interesting, the route is outside the Czech Republic, but it is interesting for INDREK: Estonia.

    • Indrek says:

      I don’t even know how i missed it :-). Thank you very much! I suppose that they made some late changes in the route because in the beginning it was not planned via northern route.

  2. materazzi says:

    Die Strecke haben schon mal geendärt. Die ursprüngliche hatte Etappenstadt Dresden.
    Pekin-Paris ging nie durch CZ. Und erstenmal geht durch Norden. Was ich erinne.
    Diesmal aber nur mit NZ und AUS. Das vor 3 jahren-das war was.

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